Certified Chimney Sweep Technicians



Price: $225

-Chimney Flue
-Smoke Shelf
-Safety Cap/Spark Arrester
-Firebox Walls


Price: $225



-Heat exchanger

-Combustion Blower

-Vent system

-Convection Blower

- Ash Clean outs/Hidden chambers

-Excess pellet dust in hopper

-Check for opperability

Inspection only fee: $85

Repair/diagnosis only price: $150


Price: $275

-Clean Pilot orifice

-Clean Burner orifice

-Check for correct burner air adjustment for fuel(lp vs ng)

- New embers

-Check for correct log placement(most ignored yet one of the most important aspects of gas appliances)

- Leak test

- Check for unit operability

-Repaint(if allowable by homeowner)

Inspection only fee: $85

Repair/diagnosis: $275(unit is also maintenaced(included in price) at time of repair) 


Price: $225


-Heat exchanger


- Catalytic combustor(if equipped) or secondary combustion chamber(if equipped)

- Vent sytem

*note: we do not service "slammer" or unlined wood inserts. if you would like to know more or upgrade to a more suitiable application, please call us 301-758-3258

Inspection only: $85

Repair/diagnosis: $125

Repairs: if any repairs are nessecasry, we will let you know at the time and give you a quote on doing the repair(if we have the parts and pricing on vehicle often times we can facilitate the repair at time of service)

-Door regasketing; door regasketing labor is included if it is needed at time of maintenance, however the cost of the gasket is additional 

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to each and every customer we come into contact with.