Fireplace Maintenance 101: Tending to Your Hearth

Whether you've had a fireplace for a while or you're still a beginner, there's a lot to learn about fireplace maintenance. We'll walk you through the basics.

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The autumnal equinox has fallen here in the Northern Hemisphere-- and in layman's terms that means warm apple cider, soft sweaters, and hours spent in front of a crackling fireplace. 

As the weeks pass on, the weather will begin to get cooler, so if you have a fireplace and do not know if it's ready to endure the upcoming fall and winter weather, take a look at the following fireplace maintenance tips. 

Fireplace Maintenance Tips 

Depending on the type of fireplace you own, the steps you will need to take to maintain it will vary.

Here are a few tips for two different types of fireplaces. 

Wood Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces have been preferred by many households for decades. The reason could partially be due to the fact that the first humans used wood to make fires for heat, use for light, to cook with, and for overall comfort. 

Nevertheless, owning a wood-burning fireplace may require additional work for proper upkeep.

To maintain this type of fireplace, you will need to do the following:

  • Clean the inside of your fireplace and chimney to remove ash and soot build-up

  • Burn wood that won't deposit large amounts of creosote in your chimney (Pine, Sycamore, Yellow Birch, etc)

  • Check the cap and remove any debris

  • Clean or replace the fireplace screen

Remember to have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned every few years to ensure that it is still safe to use. And, unlike what is seen in movies--never burn anything but the best wood in your fireplace. 

This means no burning of clothes, paper, or other non-firewood items. 

Gas Fireplace

If chopping or purchasing wood isn't your thing, and you would rather have a fire without the time it takes to treat a wood fire, a gas fireplace may be what you are looking for. 

Always remember to be safe before cleaning any type of fireplace- especially a gas fireplace. Before you begin to clean in or around your gas fireplace, turn off the pilot light and avoid cleaning until your fireplace has cooled down. 

Once all of the safety steps have been taken, follow these steps:

  • Get the fireplace inspected by a professional

  • Clean any soot off of the fireplace glass doors

  • Remove dust and debris from ceramic gas logs 

Never clean the inside of your gas fireplace with cleaning products that are flammable. It is best to purchase products that are specifically made to clean gas fireplaces, or just opt to use warm water and a gentle household soap as a cleaner. 

Maintain the safety and performance of your gas fireplace by never burning anything inside of it. Gas fireplaces are not created to burn actual wood or debris like wood fireplaces. You will never need to add anything to them for them to burn. 

Warm-up the Right Way 

If you have never had a fireplace before, or you would like additional tips on fireplace maintenance for a fireplace in your home contact us.

From fireplaces to outdoor living, we've got you covered! 

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